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Robot integrated system

MWR-100 & MWR-350 Heavy Industrial Mobile Welding & Cutting

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  MWR-100 MWR-350-重型工业移动焊接及切割机器人

Sai Rong is proud to introduce two newly developed vision-assisted mobile fully programmable welding systems, the MWR-100TM and the MWR-350TM. This 3-axis robot can be used for all-round welding of all welding materials and weld types, as well as automated plasma cutting chamfering. Its mobility features allow the equipment to be brought to large welding workpiece sites, such as ship ribs and mining equipment, thereby reducing the cost and time involved in moving the workpiece in the factory. The simple operability of this system allows the operator to run several systems simultaneously to reduce operating costs. The integrated laser vision weld tracking system with built-in 2D color video camera assists remote teach and process monitoring, keeping operators away from harsh weld areas.

MWR-100 MWR-350 系统配置

Features and benefits
• Significant weld quality and productivity improvements for both manual and mechanical welding.
• Mobility features bring the system to the workpiece site.
• Remote process monitoring keeps the operator away from the weld area.
• Precise weld tracking for consistent penetration and accurate weld placement.
Easy to integrate into any welding equipment.
• Auto teach reduces setup time and increases flexibility.
• Multi-layer multi-pass welding.
• Ability to optimize welding parameters through the teach pendant.
• The actual weld tracking pattern is displayed on the touch screen of the teach pendant.
Improved welding quality and productivity can be easily achieved
Vertical movement welding robot
It's very easy to use - in less than an hour, you can solder like an expert.
The robot is a “pre-sensing head” – it is easy to add weld tracking, video surveillance and GPS functions.
A lightweight robot with an economical teaching box provides a high level of safety for the operator.
Perfect welding in any joint form at all weld locations.
The rugged robot is designed for harsh industrial field environments.
It can also be used for automatic plasma cutting chamfering to improve the quality of welding groove preparation.
The modular robot design can be applied to the automatic arc welding machine to improve the flexibility of the system.
Typical applications: shipbuilding, railway manufacturing, mining equipment manufacturing, construction, power generation
Mobile Welding Robot Specifications


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