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ABB robot maintenance expertise: the choice of maintenance l

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ABB robot maintenance expertise: the choice of maintenance lubricants
(1) General maintenance
01 cleaning robot
The robot base and arm should be cleaned regularly. Use caution when using solvents. Strong solvents such as acetone should be avoided. High pressure cleaning equipment can be used, but direct injection to the robot should be avoided. If the robot has a grease film or the like, remove it as required. (Plastic protection should be avoided)
To prevent static build-up, non-conductive surfaces such as spray equipment, hoses, etc. must be wiped with a damp or damp cloth. Do not use a dry cloth.
02 hollow wrist
If necessary, the hollow wrist should be cleaned as often as necessary to avoid dust and debris accumulation. Clean with a lint-free cloth. After the wrist is cleaned, a small amount of petrolatum or similar substance can be added to the surface of the wrist, which is more convenient after cleaning.
03 regular inspection
Check the following points frequently as needed:
Check for oil leakage. If serious oil leakage is found, ask the maintenance personnel for help; check if the gear clearance is too large. If the clearance is too large, ask the maintenance personnel for help; check the control cabinet, purge unit, process cabinet and robot Is the cable damaged?
04 check basic fixing screws
The fastening screws and fixing clips that fix the robot to the foundation must be kept clean and must not be exposed to corrosive liquids such as water or acid-base solutions. This avoids fasteners. If the corrosion protection layer such as galvanized layer or coating is damaged, clean the relevant parts and apply anti-corrosion coating.
(two) shaft brake test
During operation, each shaft motor brake wears normally. In order to determine if the brake is working properly, it must be tested at this time.
Test Method: Check the brakes of each shaft motor as described below.
1. Run the manipulator shaft to the corresponding position, where the total weight of the robot arm and all loads reach the maximum value (maximum static load);
2. The motor is powered off;
3. Check that all axes are maintained at the original.
If the robot does not change position when the motor is powered off, the braking torque is sufficient. You can also manually move the robot to see if further protection is needed. When the mobile robot stops in an emergency, the brakes will help stop, so wear may occur. Therefore, repeated tests are required during the life of the machine to verify that the machine maintains its original capabilities.
(3) Lubricating 3-axis auxiliary gears and gears
Tools and supplies:
K-NATE (or Omega 77) grease; grease pump. step:
(Warning! Make sure the robot and related systems are turned off and locked before starting the following procedure.)
1. Inject the type grease into the grease pump;
2. A small amount (1 gram) of grease is squeezed into each nozzle, and Zhuge lubricates the secondary gear grease nipples 1 and 4 gear grease dampers 2 .
Be careful! Do not inject too much, but damage the seal.
(four) lubrication of the hollow wrist
10 lubrication points for hollow wrists:
Tools and supplies:
K-NATE (or Omega 77) grease;
Grease pump.
Be careful! Only a few drops of lubricant (1 gram) are required for each grease nipple. Do not inject excess lubricant as this will damage the wrist seal and the inner sleeve.
After the shafts 4, 5, and 6 are rotated by 90, 180, and 270, respectively, they are relubricated.
(5) Check the oil level in the gear box
The position of the filler plug on the 1 and 2 axle gearboxes:
1 axis: open the filler plug 1 and the filler plug 3 or 5;
2 axis: Open the filler plug 4 and the filler plug 2 or 6.
Refueling plug position on 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis gearbox:
3 axis: open the fuel plug 1;
4, 5, 6 axis: Open the fuel plug 2 or 3.
(3 axis arm must be placed horizontally)
IRB 5500
The first and second axle gearboxes are pre-shipment: Shell Tivela S150. Other shaft gearboxes are pre-shipment: Shell Omela 320 lubricant.

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