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Yingbaite Robot Maintenance-Technical Consultation

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Maintenance of Intelligent Technology Robot
Overview of Robot Maintenance:
1. Maintenance and Maintenance of Robot Ontology and Related Equipment
2. Maintenance and maintenance of control cabinet and related equipment
3. Voltage Detection and Replacement of Batteries, Fans and Capacitors
4. Detection and maintenance of motor and drive unit
5. Sealing Detection and Replacement Maintenance of Gear Lubricating Oil for Gearbox
6. Detection and Maintenance of Electric Cable Interruption, Signal Line and Induction Function
7. Robot Motion Testing, Accuracy Testing and Detection of Related Functions
Robot Maintenance Range:
1. Maintenance of motor and motor 7. Maintenance of main engine
2. Drive Unit Maintenance 8. Safety Plate Maintenance
3. Maintenance of control cables 9. Replacement of gearboxes
4. Instructor Maintenance 10. Cable Maintenance
5. Maintenance of Power Supply Module 11. Maintenance of Hard Disk and System
6. PCB Maintenance 12. Maintenance of Peripheral Equipment
Overview of Robot Maintenance Work:
I. Robot Maintenance
Four or six axes maintenance of robot, robot body, gear box, motor, robot control cabinet,
Cables, batteries, power supplies, voltages, fans, etc.
II. Robot Maintenance
Robot testing and maintenance, robot motion testing, control system testing, robot process software functions, etc.
3. Robot Technical Guidance
Guidance for the use of robotic systems, daily maintenance and maintenance considerations, etc.
Overview of robot maintenance items:
1. Maintenance content:
(1) Robot body state
1. Cable status signal cables, power cables, user cables, bottom cables and vertical arm cables;
2. Oil leakage, oil leakage and gear box state in the sealed state of each shaft gear box;
3. Whether the function of each axis of the robot operates smoothly automatically and manually, whether there are abnormal sounds and whether the brakes are normal;
4. Whether the motor state wiring of each axis of the robot is firm and stable;
5. Change lubricating oil and grease for gearbox;
6. Whether the fixed state of the robot is normal or not.
(2) Check the status of the robot control cabinet
1. Inspection and backup of robot software, installation software of cold start and backup of robot;
2. Robot system parameter checking Commutation and ALIbration
3. Low Voltage and Low Voltage Inspection of Robot and Voltage Inspection of Control System;
4. Robot Instructor Function All keys are valid, emergency stop circuit is normal, and all functions can be implemented.
5. Robot Power Voltage Measurement AC400V/380V/220V
6. Robot control voltage measurement DC27V/24V/15V/13.5V/12V/5V/3.6V/3.0V
7. Check and clean all cooling fans in cooling fan condition.
8. Robot control system checks motherboard, memory board and robot computing board.
9. The robot drive system checks DC-Link and drive plates of each axis.
10. Robot Safety Chain Inspection
11. Robot I/O checks the CAN-Bus wiring and the status of input and output boards of the robot system board.
II. Robot Maintenance
Robot testing and maintenance, system testing, robot motion testing, robot process software functions, etc.
3. Robot Technical Guidance
Robot technical information, guidance for the use of robotic systems, daily maintenance and maintenance considerations, etc.

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