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FastMig M Kemppi welder kemppi-welding machine-yingbaite

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Top welding technology provides excellent stability
Excellent welding performance for industrial MIG/MAG welding.
A welder with a variety of configurations and possibilities.
Two suit options – regular convenience or unitary diversity.
A welding machine that can be optimized for your production needs
The FastMig M Series combines the advantages of modularity, ease of use and a wide range of applications.
With a high duty cycle and a compact and lightweight form factor, this series of welders offers greater productivity and flexibility.
In industrial MIG/MAG welding, FastMig M breaks through the traditional design and is widely known.
High-tech welder. Its control technology ensures excellent arc ignition and welding performance, which greatly reduces the time required to remove spatter during long welding runs.
The range is available in two product packages, allowing you to choose the most suitable package for your welding application: The Unified Kit is suitable for demanding advanced applications, while the regular kit is suitable for basic applications.
If your application requirements change, you can update your FastMig M settings to your production needs.

肯倍焊机FastMig M

• Modular design
• Two suit options: regular and unified
• Provide multi-voltage power supply
• WiseFusionTM process software for easy and efficient all-round soldering
• Access to all WiseTM optimized products
• Connect the MasterTig LT 250 and ArcFeed to the power supply via the optional AS kit
• SuperSnake extra long wire feed system for extended working range
• MagTrac F 61 welding trolley for higher productivity

Get a strong and reliable welding effect at a reasonable price, it is your standing choice
The MR 200 and MR 300 basic control panels directly adjust the welding parameters.
If you prefer a simple, normal two-knob control for wire feed speed and welding voltage, select the MR control panel.

肯倍焊机FastMig M 价格合理

No matter which suit you choose, FastMig M is very powerful and stable: regular or unified.
You can choose to control the welding parameter values of the machine by regular or unified methods. These two control modes can be used with any combination of power supply and wire feeder.
The conventional FastMig M kit includes an MR control panel that is the usual way to control welding parameters. This kit is suitable for basic welding applications in professional industrial welding processes.

肯倍焊机FastMig M 送丝机选择

Wire feeder selection
You can choose from three models of wire feeders for use with the regular or unified FastMig M kit.
The FastMig MXF 63 is a compact and lightweight wire feeder for 200 mm wire spools, while the MXF 65 and MXF 67 are suitable for 300 mm wire spools. The FastMig MXF 67 has a very sturdy, two-layer plastic housing.
Regular and unified control panel options are available for all models of wire feeders.
Suitable for process-critical industrial applications
The MS 200 and MS 300 Unified Control Panels offer a convenient feature and a wide range of features to optimize your welding system.
Clear welding parameters, convenient single-knob welding power control, easy-to-use settings and storage channel selection, and the overall ease of use of the MS control panel make your FastMig M system a versatile, efficient device for each Industrial MIG/MAG welding applications.

肯倍焊机FastMig M 一元化设置

Unification The FastMig M package includes an MS control panel with easy-to-use unification features and a host of other features to further optimize your welding work. These kits are suitable for professional use in more demanding industrial applications.
You can choose your own wire feeder and control panel combination based on your current welding needs. If your application changes later, you can also update your FastMig with new power levels, wire feeder options and welding software. M system.
Improve your welding performance with additional options
Bring your welding efficiency to a new level: Combine the welding performance of FastMig M with the speed and reliability of the Kemppi MagTrac F 61 welding trolley.
To further improve welding efficiency, you can combine FastMig M and MagTrac F 61 settings with WiseFusion soldering optimization. This welding combination enables very low heat input
High quality welding is now available, which significantly reduces deviations and other subsequent costs. Based on calculations, this solution can help you reduce your follow-up costs by up to 20%.
In addition, the FastMig M solution offers a variety of remote control devices to further increase welder productivity and enterprise productivity. If you need a larger working range, you can also connect
The SuperSnake ultra long wire feed system adds up to 30 meters of working range.

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